• Tactical SharePoint Solutions

    Feel like you’re climbing a mountain with no support line? At Aptillon, we understand that not every company has years of SharePoint experience when it comes time to design your SharePoint environment. Aptillon is ready to be your support line with SharePoint experts from start to finish.


  • SPC423:Deep Dive: CSOM versus REST Video

    Watch David Mann, SharePoint Expert and MVP, presents his SharePoint Conference 2014 session comparing CSOM to REST

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  • Automating Governance

    Not sure what's going on in your SharePoint environment? Want to be able to create sites in a predictable and managed way without having to spend ridiculous money on full trusted managed solutions or third party tools? Aptillon's automation experts can help!


  • SPC322: SharePoint 2013 Search display templates and query rules

    Watch Aptillon's Mathew McDermott, MVP and SharePoint Search expert present his SharePoint Conference 2014 session on making Search actionable.

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Aptillon SharePoint Consulting

Aptillon provides leading-edge, business-critical SharePoint solutions, including SharePoint envisioning, planning, infrastructure, client experience, collaboration, portal, search, content management, business intelligence, migrations, backup and SharePoint salvage. Clients include Fortune 500, education, manufacturing, healthcare, and non-profit associations.

Choose Aptillon for your SharePoint project because:

  • Our broad range of experience means you enjoy more effective SharePoint solutions, completed faster. Find out about our SharePoint experience on our blog...
  • Thorough planning, based on SharePoint best practices, means faster implementation, easier maintenance and more enthusiastic adoption, saving your resources and money for maximum utilization of your SharePoint investment.
  • We successfully deliver SharePoint services in complex real-world business environments, making us the wise choice for your SharePoint project - for your confidence and peace of mind.
  • You have access to support and advice from SharePoint experts who do SharePoint all day, every day. Call us and talk to a SharePoint expert...
  • Learn SharePoint the right way from people who write and speak extensively on SharePoint topics.
  • Need to fix a failed SharePoint project or complete a stalled installation? Call us for our SharePoint Salvage services at 1-855-278-4556.
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ITUnity: Using the SharePoint REST Service with Windows PowerShell
JavaScript webinar for Critical Path Training
SharePoint 2013 Search display templates and query rules
March 19, 2014

Aptillon’s Matthew McDermott (@MatthewMCD)Watch Matthew demonstrate how to make SharePoint search more actionable with out of the box techniques ans a little JavaScript.

Learn more and watch the video »
CSOM vrs REST - A SharePoint 2013 API Comparison
March 17, 2014

Aptillon’s David Mann (@MannD)Deeps dives into SharePoint 2013’s remote API with a deep dive comparison of CSOM to REST. Watch David’s SharePoint Conference 2014 session and get the details of which API comes out on top.

Learn more and watch the video »
Aptillon discusses inproving Enterprise SharePoint Search on Channel 9
March 3, 2014

Aptillon’s Mathew McDermott (@MatthewMcD) takes a moment away from SharePoint Conference 2014 to sit with Karuana Gatimu on Microsoft's Channel 9 to disccus how to add the Sizzle into Enterprise SharePoint search.

Learn more and watch the video »
Why College Students Should Consider a Microsoft SharePoint Course
April 15, 2013

Aptillon’s David Mann (@MannD) has created a video at the request of the local Microsoft office to convince college students to take a Microsoft SharePoint course. The seven minute video discusses what SharePoint is, the incredible growth of SharePoint adoption, and popularity in organizations.

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