CKS:API update and AOP

CKS:API is still moving along. It’s a little behind schedule due to work constraints.  Two new developers have joined the project and I’m looking forward to some additional eyeballs on the code to help tighten it up.  I’m also looking into Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)  to overcome one of the big hurdles in CKS:API – littering all of that logging code throughout your codebase.  I’m hoping that AOP will work as advertised (I’m using PostSharp, which seems to be the standard for AOP in .Net) and if it does, then parts of CKS:API will be refactored to make this an option.  PostSharp has a free “community” edition so it won’t necessarily shut anyone out.  You’ll still have the option of manually inserting the logging code on your own, so this is not a show-stopper requirement for using CKS:API if we do go that way. Continue reading →

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