SharePoint 2013 JSOM and Social API

The SharePoint team at Microsoft has done a great job preparing for the launch of SharePoint 2013. The number of developer samples, video, and blog post has been a tremendous help getting ready for the changes to the platform. While preparing for my session at the SharePoint Conference 2012 (#SPC12) I found the code samples to be very helpful for presenting the basics of how the access and use the social API. For example, the article How to: Read and write to the social feed by using the JavaScript object model in SharePoint 2013 has several tricks for working with the JavaScript Object Model (JSOM) in SharePoint 2013. With this as our starting point, I decided to try to incorporate the Personal Feed into the new People search results. Here is the result that I am building. All of the code is contained in the Hover Panel, you can download it here. As I write this post I realize there are a LOT of dependent technologies in play. For example, the people you seek must have My Sites in order to participate in 2013 Social, this is a new requirement based on the new storage model. Also, adding display templates to Search is a whole topic on it’s own, I’ll cover that briefly in this post and in detail in a follow-up post. Anyway, here is the finished product from this demo. Continue reading →

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