A New Project and New Tools

A few months ago my primary client asked me to take over a project that had been developed in-house. I’ve spent some time since then getting acclimated to the project, fixing some high-priority bugs and am now beginning to look at truly taking ownership of the codebase. As part of that I’m looking at trying out some new tools to help. Thanks to the folks at Telerik for giving me a copy of their tools (JustCode, JustTrace, JustDecompile, and JustMock) to kick the tires on. I’m also using Visual Studio 2013. To a certain extent, using a whole new toolset (I have previously used DevExpress’ CodeRush, which I still love but I wanted to try something new to see if there’s something better) is going to slow things down, but the client is OK with that and I’m looking forward to it. Things may get a little confusing as I try to figure out whether something new is VS2013 or Telerik, but I’ll do my best to keep them straight. Continue reading →