About Aptillon

Aptillon is a not your typical Microsoft SharePoint consulting company.

Aptillon is owned by five SharePoint experts who collectively have over 70 years of SharePoint experience. Together, the five individuals Maurice Prather, Darrin Bishop, Gary Lapointe, David Mann and Matthew McDermott formed Aptillon to create a one-of-a-kind SharePoint consulting service to bring high-quality, reliable SharePoint consulting to their clients. The owners of Aptillon have worked on every major version of SharePoint since SharePoint Portal Server 2001. Aptillon has years of SharePoint experience in all the major areas in SharePoint – from design and envisioning – to core infrastructure, development, deployment, maintenance and migrations. Aptillon has created, deployed and maintained farms and business solutions on premise, online and on hosted VMs (IaaS).

Aptillon – SharePoint History

How did Aptillon start? Before Aptillon, the owners knew each other from the SharePoint community. They frequently spoke at the same SharePoint conference, collaborated on SharePoint issues, and wrote books, articles and blogs. All shared the same background. They wanted to create a consulting company that focused on SharePoint and not just any technology that happened by. They wanted to provide high-level service to clients and not be replaced by junior “SharePoint” developers. And they wanted to be honest with their clients and not have to do a “sales pitch” to win new clients. They wanted to work together and bring in a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their clients. From those ideals, Aptillon was formed.

Broad SharePoint Focus plus SharePoint MVP and SharePoint MCM

Aptillon choose to focus on SharePoint, but their SharePoint projects take them in many different directions as they support core infrastructure, integration with external business systems and business processes. The owners of Aptillon have all been multi-year SharePoint MVP awardees as well as MCMs.  They are speakers, bloggers, and authors as well as consultants. When you work with Aptillon, you do not get just one Aptillon resource but access to all Aptillon resources and their connections with other experts in the SharePoint community.

Honesty and Transparency

Aptillon is not your typical consulting company. You will speak with the owners and it is the owners that do the work. You will not find Aptillon scouring the job boards looking for bodies to fill positions. For larger projects and to fill in various expertise gaps, Aptillon will, on occasion, utilize trusted non-Aptillon resources to fill specific expertise gaps. Aptillon has known these individuals for a long time and trusts them to provide the same high-quality service expected from an Aptillon resource. Clients will always know when a resource is a trusted non-Aptillon resource. Aptillon has a strict agreement with external resources to never appear as though the resource is an employee of Aptillon but as a trusted partner. Aptillon believes strongly in honest relationships with our clients.

Aptillon knows SharePoint.

Meet the SharePoint Experts at Aptillon

Maurice Prather: Technology Consultant…
Darrin Bishop: SharePoint, Power BI, Strategic Data Consulting…
Gary Lapointe: Complex Web-based Applications…

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