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By on June 6, 2017, Springfield, IL

You probably know Aptillon as the “SharePoint experts.” With a team of current and former SharePoint MVPs, a SharePoint Certified Master, publications, speaking engagements and several decades of collective SharePoint experience in all major versions of SharePoint – we do know SharePoint. Furthermore, to provide expert SharePoint consulting services we must be experts at more than just SharePoint. This is one area that differentiates Aptillon from other SharePoint consulting companies.

Maurice, Darrin, Gary, Matthew and David, the five founders of Aptillon, have diverse backgrounds. They have worked with SharePoint through many versions and for many years, individually and together at Aptillon. Not only did they bring their passion and expertise for SharePoint to Aptillon, each brought other talents. Many of these talents integrate with SharePoint, such as client-side web development, data visualization and core infrastructure.

These talents are often needed throughout customer engagements. For example, it is not uncommon when a client needs help with reporting and data analysis. Aptillon has the expertise to help with the key SharePoint-related business intelligence services, such as SQL Server Reporting Server, Excel and PowerPivot/Power View. Additionally, we can help design and build the data warehouse that collapses the silos of data within your organization.

Aptillon may lead with SharePoint, but many clients soon realize the extent of our expertise. We support other mission-critical areas such as SQL Server, Office 365, VPNs, Business Intelligence and data visualization, Azure development as well as web and mobile development. We help clients build and migrate their servers to virtual machines in the cloud. For one client, we were tasked with moving their entire development and staging environments to Azure Virtual Machines. Need a new machine? No problem; we start a script and quickly a new individual development machine is running with the required dev tools, accounts, databases, line-of-business apps and SharePoint.

Our clients know this and use it to their competitive advantage.

SharePoint is and always will be a large part of our offering. Although, often tasks for existing clients are unrelated to SharePoint. For example, last week we spent an afternoon working on data munging (fancy term for Extract, Transform and Load) of more than six million rows of data in SQL Azure to support the client’s need in data analytics. Our existing clients know that we will assist them in achieving an array of technology goals; therefore, they always have an expert in their back pocket.

We are in the process of strengthening our core messaging to convey that Aptillon’s expertise extends beyond the SharePoint space, so new and potential clients benefit too. We provide a vast range of services. Often these services work hand-and-hand with SharePoint, but SharePoint is not a requirement.

Every business needs an Aptillon in their back pocket. Contact us for your SharePoint and non-SharePoint needs, questions, goals and emergencies.

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