SharePoint Framework reaches General Availability Milestone

By on February 28, 2017,

On February 23, 2017, SharePoint Framework (SPFx) reached general availability milestone. With the GA release the framework is available for production tenants in SharePoint Online. SPFx is the newest, client-side development framework for SharePoint Web Part and page development. The framework opens the doors for open source development environments and toolchains allowing developers to use modern web development tools and techniques to work with SharePoint Online.

According to Microsoft key features of the SharePoint Framework include:

  • Runs in the context of the current user and connection in the browser. There are no iFrames.
  • The controls are rendered in the normal page DOM.
  • The controls are responsive and accessible by nature.
  • Enables the developer to access the lifecycle – including, in addition to render – load, serialize and deserialize, configuration changes, and more.
  • It’s framework agnostic. You can use any browser framework that you like: React, Handlebars, Knockout, Angular, and more.
  • The toolchain is based on common open source client development tools like npm, TypeScript, Yeoman, webpack, and gulp.
  • Performance is reliable.
  • End users can use SPFx client-side solutions that are approved by the tenant administrators (or their delegates) on all sites, including self-service team, group, or personal sites.
  • Solutions can be deployed in both classic web part and publishing pages and modern pages.

SharePoint tenants will be updated with the new framework over the course of the next few weeks. Get the SharePoint Framework tools from GitHub:

More information about the framework:

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