vNext SQL Reporting Server will be “Native” Mode Only

With the recent release of SQL Server 2016, Microsoft has also announced that the next version of SQL Server will no longer have an integrated mode for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Supporting only a native mode installation in the next version, Microsoft intends to simplify the installation and management of SSRS and provide more capabilities for users. Some of these capabilities include a modern web portal, paginated reports, mobile reports, and KPIs, regardless of if you have SharePoint, as well as simpler architectures, better options for upgrade management, and more targeted performance management. Continue reading →

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SharePoint Framework reaches General Availability Milestone

On February 23, 2017, SharePoint Framework (SPFx) reached general availability milestone. With the GA release the framework is available for production tenants in SharePoint Online. SPFx is the newest, client-side development framework for SharePoint Web Part and page development. The framework opens the doors for open source development environments and toolchains allowing developers to use modern web development tools and techniques to work with SharePoint Online. Continue reading →

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Microsoft Data Insights Summit – June 12-13, 2017

Microsoft recently announced the Data Insights Summit taking place in Seattle, WA. The event will focus on a Business Analysts’ view of Microsoft business intelligence tools including Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server BI, Excel, PowerApps, Flow, Stream and more. Many of these technologies have an integration story with SharePoint Online. Business analysts working with SharePoint might want to attend this summit and hear from the experts how to use these technologies to improve your business. Continue reading →


SharePoint Framework Now Available to First-Release Tenants

Microsoft has recently released the SharePoint Framework, a page and web part model, for use by first-release tenants. The SharePoint Framework will be able to provide a more productive experience for developers through client-side SharePoint development, easy integration with SharePoint data, and support for open source tooling. It will allow for current web technologies to be used in virtually any development environment thereby facilitating the development and deployment of SharePoint modern web parts in a familiar and efficient manner. Continue reading →

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Microsoft Ignite 2016 Conference Announcements Recap

At the recent Microsoft Ignite Conference, many great new innovations and technologies were announced and discussed, including security advancements, updates to SharePoint on-premises and Office 365, and updates to Azure. These exciting new developments are sure to provide a more user-friendly environment and more possibilities for anyone within the SharePoint eco-system; many of the updates are geared toward streamlining processes for users and providing a wider range of possibilities for how the various platforms can be implemented for both workers and developers. Continue reading →