6 Items to Look for When Doing a SharePoint Health Check

There are lots of reasons to take a step back and really consider your on-premises SharePoint farm – frustrated users, poor performance, random errors and outages, out of control content, etc. – but often we find ourselves overwhelmed with the sheer scope and size of SharePoint, and the idea of doing a health check just seems daunting; there are so many moving parts and so many different ways to achieve the same thing, and with every different way to configure SharePoint there are probably a dozen different opinions on whether this way is better than that way, and it’s difficult to sort through all the “guidance.” Most people have only their own farm(s) as a point of reference, so they don’t have the benefit of personal experience working with a variety of different farms serving different purposes (and often exposing very different issues). Continue reading →

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Microsoft Teams: Communicate, Collaborate, Control

Not quite a year old, Teams has already grown into an impressive tool with a promising future

If you’re not familiar with it, Microsoft Teams is Redmond’s chat-based workspace.  But that label doesn’t do it justice.  Read on to learn more about the past, present and future of this impressive tool. Continue reading →

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Aptillon is Hiring

Flexible, Part-Time / Remote Sales Opportunity

We’re looking for a resourceful sales person that would be interested in helping Aptillon grow. We are focusing on SharePoint, Office 365, Power BI and Azure. Initially we’re looking for someone that would be willing to start as part-time. Send us an email at


Customizing Office 365…It’s a New World


I’ll toss this out right up front…SharePoint and Office 365 customization and development is changing.  Rapidly.  Gone are the days of massive projects that made sweeping changes to every aspect of the platform, or that threw out much of what SharePoint offered and replaced it with something different.  Instead, smaller, targeted customizations are the order of the day. Continue reading →


Aptillon – Much More than a SharePoint Consulting Company

You probably know Aptillon as the “SharePoint experts.” With a team of current and former SharePoint MVPs, a SharePoint Certified Master, publications, speaking engagements and several decades of collective SharePoint experience in all major versions of SharePoint – we do know SharePoint. Furthermore, to provide expert SharePoint consulting services we must be experts at more than just SharePoint. This is one area that differentiates Aptillon from other SharePoint consulting companies. Continue reading →

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Why are You Still Using Microsoft PerformancePoint Services?

Remembering PerformancePoint

I remember the days when I spoke on PerformancePoint like it was yesterday. The start of real integration and collaboration on business intelligence in SharePoint. I was a fan of PerformancePoint because it was easy to use, integrated well and allowed organizations to include many types of content into a single dashboard. Continue reading →

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SharePoint 2007 – Yes We Still Support Mission Critical SharePoint 2007 Farms

SharePoint 2016 may be the newest version of SharePoint but not everyone will immediately make the jump to SharePoint 2016. In fact many organizations are still running earlier versions of SharePoint as far back as SharePoint 2007. Some organizations just choose not to change. Some organizations have invested a lot of time and money on mission critical configurations and customizations and choose not to upgrade. Regardless of the reason to not upgrade to newer and supported versions of SharePoint, Aptillon has you covered. We have a long history with SharePoint going back to SharePoint Portal Server 2001 and SharePoint Team Services and we regularly work on and maintain SharePoint farms, including SharePoint 2007, 2010, and 2013, as well as the newly released SharePoint 2016.

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