Expert SharePoint Consulting

Implementation & Integration | System Administration | Guidance & Planning | Development & Migrations

Aptillon provides beginning-to-end expert SharePoint consulting, customization and support.

Our SharePoint experts possess a deep understanding of, and passion for Microsoft SharePoint built upon years of experience learning, implementing, integrating, and actually using the platform. This allows us to offer a wide range of consulting services, enabling organizations to maximize their Microsoft SharePoint investment and optimize their daily operations.

Aptillon provides beginning-to-end SharePoint consulting services, customization and support, built upon years of experience learning, implementing, integrating, and using SharePoint.

SharePoint Implementation and Integration

SharePoint Portals and Collaboration.

Whether looking to implement an intranet that connects your employees, an extranet that connects your organization to partners, or site strategies focused on specific facets of your business, Aptillon will help you meet your business goals.

Our experts craft collaborative experiences that foster communication, enhance the productivity of your workforce and truly optimize the flow of your business.

SharePoint Document and Record Management.

Microsoft SharePoint provides a strong foundation for managing the documents, records, and information consumed and created by your organization. However, managing this correctly takes an intimate understanding of the problem, and experience implementing solutions that scale. Our experts design and implement an enterprise-wide taxonomy, operational storage configuration and efficient capture processes.

SharePoint Information Governance.

We establish governance policies to keep your farm stable, consistent and controlled to meet the organizations compliance, branding and security needs. This is provided by a combination of documentation, training, out-of-the-box SharePoint configuration, reporting, custom scripting and programming.

SharePoint Business Intelligence.

Aptillon consultants provide the expertise to identify your business needs, then design, deploy and support high-functioning, easy to use, business intelligence solutions.

SharePoint Search.

Aptillon uses proven best practices to design and implement search experiences that are tailored to your specific needs. In addition, we have years of experience investigating, diagnosing, and resolving issues with SharePoint Search.

SharePoint Line of Business Integration.

Facilitate collaboration across departments and streamline business processes by connecting line of business (LOB) systems such as CRM, ERP and other applications with SharePoint.

SharePoint System Administration

SharePoint Infrastructure and Installation.

We have been designing and deploying SharePoint environments before it was even introduced in 2001. Let our experts work with you to properly install and configure your SharePoint infrastructure, including hardware and software; on premise or cloud. Getting it right the first time is critical to the long-term health of your investment.

SharePoint Security.

A vital aspect of any Microsoft SharePoint implementation is ensuring the right information is accessible by the right people, and information that is meant to be secure remains inaccessible to those who should not have access. We will analyze the security of your environment, verify that all service accounts are securely configured according to best practices, also that security on content is properly configured and enforced, and provide solid security policies and practices as well as on-going analysis to ensure that it remains that way.

SharePoint Ongoing Maintenance.

Aptillon can provide any level of maintenance, for as long as you need. This includes basic environment support, troubleshooting performance issues, service pack and cumulative updates, database issues and general preventative maintenance.

SharePoint Guidance and Planning

SharePoint Envisioning and Planning.

Our SharePoint consultants thoroughly understand the Microsoft platform. We identify your unique business needs through focus groups, employee interviews and workplace observation, then use proven best practices to guide your strategy, design and technology decisions.

SharePoint Mentoring and Reviews.

We provide code and design reviews around your information architecture to ensure your deployment is stable and secure. Give your team hands-on experience with knowledge transfer from an Aptillon SharePoint expert.

SharePoint Development and Migrations

SharePoint Custom Development.

Microsoft SharePoint is not only a solid out-of-the-box platform, it is also highly extensible to support your organization’s specific needs beyond its built-in capabilities. We specialize in building full trust SharePoint Solutions, SharePoint Apps, and integrating line of business systems using remote programming interfaces for both on premise and Office 365 environments.

SharePoint Deployment and Migrations.

Whether you are standing up a new implementation of Microsoft SharePoint or upgrading an existing implementation, we ensure that your deployment is done right and that your content is migrated in the shortest amount of time possible. Migrations are also an opportune time for us to organize and structure your content in a manner that promotes future growth, consistent application of security policies, and promotes the ongoing organization and structure well into the future.