Find Me but don’t Show Me

By on November 11, 2011,

I recently received a question from a client who has been working on improving the quality of their search results. They are crawling their non-Microsoft CMS with SharePoint and wanted to ensure that the Keywords that they entered in the CMS and were finally rendered in the Web pages, would be findable in the search center. The keywords were emitted as META tags in the page <meta name="keywords" content="Elephant,Giraffe,Lion" />. After crawling the content a search for “Elephant” failed to return the page.

Tell SharePoint to Include the Crawled Property in the Index

So we needed to tell SharePoint to index the Keywords crawled property. HTML META keywords are indexed as “Office:5(Text)” and mapped to the DocKeywords managed property. Open the crawled property Office:5(Text) (the one with the GUID f29f85e0-4ff9-1068-ab91-08002b27b3d9 not the one with the GUID d5cdd505-2e9c-101b-9397-08002b2cf9ae) and check the box labeled “Include values for this property in the search index”.


Re-crawl the content and the search for “Elephant” will be successful.


I don’t want to see the Keywords

So now the problem is that the Keywords are showing up in the Hit Highlighted Summary for the search result. Now you might like that, but we didn’t. We wanted the hit, but did not want to see the keywords, they were only there to help with findability, but they did not help readability of the summary. The solution is to add the fields that you wish to exclude from the summary to the ExcludeFromSummary managed property. Open the Managed Property for ExcludeFromSummary and add the first Office:5(Text) property in the list.


Re-crawl the content and you should still get a search hit, but you should not see the field in the Hit Highlighted Summary.



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