Evolutions Conference: SharePoint & Netduino

By on April 12, 2013,

Over here in the skunk works division of our company… we’ve been busy the past few months working on some prototypes that will allow us to integrate physical data with the usefulness of SharePoint.


We’re unveiling a portion of our efforts at the SharePoint Evolutions Conference 2013 in London next week.  You’ve heard me say this before – this conference rocks. I love this conference for many reasons but the one reason that sticks out in my mind is the simple fact that I spend a lot time creating new content. This year was no different! The fact we got to use soldering irons to put a demo together made this the most exciting presentation build… 🙂


If you are attending the conference next week, swing by my session and check out the evolution of business data collection and management…

Title: Remote monitoring with SharePoint 2013 and making it smart!

Session: COM710 from 1500-1600 in the Rutherford room


This should be a fun session with demos, hardware with blinky lights, and hopefully some good discussion!



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