SharePoint Conference 2011 Wrap Up

By on October 7, 2011,

This year’s SharePoint Conference was probably one of the most interesting conferences that Microsoft has hosted in the past few years.  The attendance was solid and presentations covered the spectrum from 101 fundamentals over all the way over to nitty-gritty details.

Monday morning I had a chance to present on managing the Sandboxed Code Service (SP376).  I was a little skeptical that we’d fill a room with 700 seats, but I was very pleasantly surprised to see the room fill up before we switched on the microphone.  There were a ton of good questions afterwards as well.  Thanks to everyone who attended and posted all the great messages on Twitter. If you have any questions I was unable to answer, please feel free to reach out.

The conference was also a great chance to run into folks.  I saw many old friends – some that I haven’t seen literally in years – as well as many clients and former Critical Path Training admin and dev students.  It’s always amazing to see the positive energy!

The Aptillon team also had record number of presentations at the conference.  We had 7 presentations by 6 different teammates.  As a company partner, that is definitely very cool stat however the nicer fact is that we had a chance to hang out.  Since we’re spread out all over the US and constantly on the go, it’s rare to have more than 2 people in the same room at the same time. 

There was also a record number of Microsoft Certified Masters from across the globe at the conference.  How cool is that?  I remember the days when Spence and I were the only MCMs who weren’t employed by Microsoft. 🙂 MSL also announced a new certification – Microsoft Certified Architect.  It’s really nice to see program growing!

Great conversations all around. New projects, new ideas, confirmation of design decisions… chatting about the sandbox, helping folks get a better perspectives on PowerPivot and it’s amazing potential, the cloud, getting out of the sandbox (aka azure), Windows Phone 7, watching cloud-servicing applications such as Sharevolution hit their stride, building new partnerships… truly exciting stuff!


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