How We Work

At Aptillon, we take a multi-pronged approach to delivering top-notch results.

How We Work

At Aptillon, we take a multi-pronged approach to delivering top-notch results.


Technology is a tool that can either solve or exacerbate business problems. Applied incorrectly, technology is disruptive, fragile and expensive, leading to poor adoption, frustration and wasted investment. Applied correctly by skilled professionals technology is a competitive edge that can improve productivity, reduce costs and make work seem like, well, less work.

There is also a lot of hype around technology as the panacea to all business problems. Unfortunately, reality rarely lives up to the expectations set by the hype. We understand this. We cut through the noise and guide our clients to reliable business value, free from the chatter and distraction of the new shiny object put out by the technology marketing machine.


We approach projects as puzzles. It is up to us to find the right pieces to fit together to solve the problem at hand. Sometimes this means finding the right people for the team, sometimes it is the right combination of existing products, sometimes it is the addition of custom code. The end result, in all cases, is a complete solution.

Other than our guiding mantra of Do It Right, we don’t follow a rigid methodology that will drown anyone in paper, time or cost. We adapt to each client and each project; bringing the best of what has worked in the past to bear on each new puzzle. Sometimes that means a very rigid up front design; sometimes it means a very fluid, design-as-you-go iterative process. It depends on the client and the project, but we can adapt to meet whatever approach is needed. One thing we’ve learned in years of working in this field is that methodologies come and go, and rarely does one-size-fit-all. Adaptability is the key to success.

Tools and Intellectual Property

Aptillon has built up an impressive set of tools and techniques that can be easily utilized to facilitate the delivery projects. We do our best to reduce and streamline tedious tasks through the use of automation and proven processes. Not only do these tools help reduce project costs, but they also help with reduction of long-term maintenance costs.

Working with Partners

Parents teach their children a fundamental lesson that we like to use in our everyday operations – play well with others. Unlike other companies that like to subcontract talent and then label them as in-house employees, here at Aptillon we welcome the concept of bringing the best people onto project and letting them work alongside everyone while maintaining their identity. This allows us to effectively provide the best resources for your projects. The people we work with are not random strangers, instead they are people we’ve known for years. We respect their body of work and we trust them. You will get the best of the industry by working with us.