SharePoint Health Check

Reach your Highest SharePoint Performance Goals

Proactively identifying potential risks, before they manifest, is vital to maintaining optimal performance and stability of your SharePoint environment.

Why are SharePoint Health Checks Critical?

Maximize your SharePoint ROI.

Be confident your SharePoint environment is at its best before adding content, investing in significant configuration changes, and/or additional SharePoint development.

Optimize performance & increase stability.

Maintain a stable SharePoint environment and run at full capacity.

Mitigate risks.

Expose vulnerabilities in your infrastructure and processes before they become a problem.

Reduce support costs.

By proactively identifying potential SharePoint issues, you can avoid costly support issues and potential downtime that will have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Hidden issues are common.

We have yet to find an environment that does not have at least one serious issue.

Have accessibility to SharePoint experts.

Often a SharePoint installation was completed by someone who does not really know or understand SharePoint, therefore skipping many best practices. It is critical for a SharePoint expert to become familiar with your environment to make immediate recommendations as well as better assist your organization in the future.

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When to Fine Tune your SharePoint Architecture

Fine tune your SharePoint Architecture, so users do not become frustrated - SharePoint Optimization will help user productivity.

Users are

Is your SharePoint installation having a negative impact on users’ productivity?

Improve SharePoint performance and SharePoint speed with an Aptillon SharePoint Health Check, and solve SharePoint problems.

Poor SharePoint Performance

Is SharePoint slower or less reliable recently – are scheduled tasks taking longer to complete?

Let Aptillon help you identify and prepare for issues that would make a SharePoint upgrade or SharePoint migration more difficult.

Preparing for an Upgrade or Migration

Planning a SharePoint upgrade or SharePoint migration? Identify, prepare for and avoid difficult issues.

Your organization is subject to critical governance and compliance regulations. A misconfigured SharePoint environment could put you at risk - hire Aptillon to so your SharePoint Risks are minimal and you are following SharePoint best practices.

Security Issues

A misconfigured SharePoint environment could put you at risk of violating critical governance and compliance regulations.

What do we Analyze?

Aptillon SharePoint experts will review your production farm and optionally any additional farms including development and test farms. We look at everything from (but not limited to) IIS, SharePoint Search Configuration, Service Applications, Accounts, Application Pools, Content Databases, Office Web Applications, Site Collections and SQL Server database. Depending on issues we find, we may dig deeper into one or more areas.

Our Efficient SharePoint Health Check Process

  1. 3-5 days of analysis; as deep as we can get in the time available (may vary with the number and size of farms)
  2. Listen to stakeholders, technical and business users to gather and understand the history and their goals for the future
  3. Perform comprehensive analysis using custom tools to gather SharePoint farm details. Review ULS logs, critical SharePoint and SQL Server settings and configurations
  4. The collected data and analysis results are reviewed by multiple SharePoint experts
  5. Deliver analysis report, including current state of the farm, critical and non-critical issues and a prioritized list of practical recommendations
  6. Follow up with a thorough question-and-answer session, and discuss any additional support (if needed)

The Aptillon Difference

Aptillon is a dedicated SharePoint consulting company with over 70 years of collective SharePoint experience between its five owners. They provide end-to-end expert level SharePoint consulting services including planning, mentoring, deploying and configuring across all SharePoint versions, including SharePoint Online with Office 365. Aptillon provides a unique breadth of SharePoint expertise, including Microsoft Certified Masters and SharePoint MVPs, who will understand your environment to better assist your organization as a strategic partner in the future.

“UCHealth has been working with Aptillon for more than eight months, and they have performed a very thorough SharePoint health assessment that uncovered numerous configuration issues within our environment. The assessment allowed us to collaborate with their team to identify critical issues and remediate over time. This has helped to make our environment more stable and highly available.”

— Chad Chenoweth, UCHealth