V5 Master Search Center

I am really enjoying learning about Responsive Web Design and happily applying this to my current client. There is a whole bunch of information available all over the web. Companies like Template Monster have begun to roll out some beautiful examples of templates focused on the concept. (They have some other cool free HTML5 designs too, they are not responsive though.) In doing my research I found Kyle Schaeffer’s site and his V5 Responsive Master. I like the clean look, and as a starting page, it provides a good start. As a “search guy” the problem I find with most (if not all) Master Pages provided on the Web is that none that I have found address the Search Center. The authors stop short of a “complete branding solution” by simply rendering a home page and a few publishing pages. (Many I have found will not even render the other default publishing pages like Press Releases.) I don’t mean to be critical of Kyle’s work, I think he did a great job, I mean to call attention to the failure of designers in general who ignore (or just don’t know SharePoint well enough to pay attention to) the Search Center. Continue reading →

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