vNext SQL Reporting Server will be “Native” Mode Only

With the recent release of SQL Server 2016, Microsoft has also announced that the next version of SQL Server will no longer have an integrated mode for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Supporting only a native mode installation in the next version, Microsoft intends to simplify the installation and management of SSRS and provide more capabilities for users. Some of these capabilities include a modern web portal, paginated reports, mobile reports, and KPIs, regardless of if you have SharePoint, as well as simpler architectures, better options for upgrade management, and more targeted performance management. Continue reading →

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Why are You Still Using Microsoft PerformancePoint Services?

Remembering PerformancePoint

I remember the days when I spoke on PerformancePoint like it was yesterday. The start of real integration and collaboration on business intelligence in SharePoint. I was a fan of PerformancePoint because it was easy to use, integrated well and allowed organizations to include many types of content into a single dashboard. Continue reading →

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